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        Wu Mengchao in the office reading correspondent Zhang Peng photo on a specially crafted small wooden bench, late 9 years the president of Second Military Medical University, academician of Academy of Oriental Hospital Department of hepatobiliary surgery Chinese Wu Meng Chao, with exquisite technology, with 15 minutes,, clean for a patient

Wu Mengchao in the office browsing data correspondent Zhang Peng photo

on a specially crafted small wooden bench, late 9 years the Second Military Medical University academician, President of the Academy of Oriental China Department of hepatobiliary surgery hospital Wu Mengchao, with superb technology, with 15 minutes for a smooth and clean cut with diameter of 15 cm, weighing 2.5 kilograms of liver tumor.

2010 national event news pioneer] People’s medical scientist Wu Mengchao, April 16th morning,, in Shanghai Oriental Hepatic Surgery Hospital, the reporter witnessed the scene of the operation of the whole process.

Wu Mengchao is only 1.62 meters tall, this year has been the school that is not suitable for small college students as a surgeon, and later became the founder of medical liver surgery in China, has become famous in China and the world in the field of medicine liver surgery.

2010 national affairs news

"I’ve been right in my life: back home and join the army.",." – Wu Mengchao,,,

footage playback: in 1939, the eight army headquarters in the name of the "thank you" electricity, in Malaysia Sibu junior high school students aroused enthusiastic response. Wu Mengchao was one of the most excited, because he had no idea that the eight army would send thanks in the name of. Originally, Wu Mengchao is a graduate of junior high school is the Guanghua monitor, he accepted the influence of local and overseas Chinese Anti Japanese national salvation thought, funded by the school and the parents of the students to cancel the graduation dinner, the money under the name of "the little North Borneo salava second provinces in Sibu Guanghua junior middle school graduates 39 session" in eight, donated to the army behind the bloody.

recalls the past, Wu Mengchao said, the eight army in the name of the "thank you" electricity, deeply imprinted in the heart, become his life unforgettable memories. At that time,, it was his most urgent wish to return to Yanan to find the eight army.

in the spring of 1940, Wu Mengchao made an appointment with 6 students to board the ship back home. They bumped into Singapore, Vietnam and Yunnan.

to Kunming, due to the Japanese and tight, temporarily unable to Yanan, Wu Mengchao had to continue studying in Kunming. In the fall of 1943, Wu Mengchao passed the examination

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