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        "Thor" has let people see the Hollywood with inferior 3D quanqian, "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" continued to "swagger. The 3D effect is not the same as "Thor", and the quality of the 3D glasses is as dark as the Thor, plus the "Thor"

"Thor" has let people see the Hollywood with inferior 3D quanqian, "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" continued to "swagger. The effect of 3D with "Thor" as the basic no, and wear 3D glasses with the same quality after the "Thor" became dark, need to be added to the atmosphere, "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" is more than "Thor" scene, the picture is more black


Pirates of the Caribbean 4 "a clear money? Pirates of the Caribbean 4 subtitle file, "Pirates of the Caribbean" as a both in reputation or on the box office to achieve a "win-win" movie series, in the hearts of the fans is good and very high popularity,www.fashiontimewear.com, the series set sail again after a lapse of 4 years after the "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" high hopes is understandable. However, please note that the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series of the first three is self-contained, closely linked to the trilogy, while the fourth is actually in front of three is not directly linked to the new Hollywood with new attitude is prudent investment, careful to test the water,www.watchgetluxury.com, but not as the three song series as in the first master of success after the two or three set of investment 174, creating a super audio-visual spectacle. Coupled with the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series has become a successful business, business, as produced by the Disney company, the most secure way to make money is to minimize investment, let the audience into the theater in the trilogy of viewing inertia, if the box office can reach two or three sets of standards, then the "input-output ratio" the advantage of it. As for the investment after shrinking film special effects and scenes also can achieve the trilogy standards,www.time4uwear.com, can let the fans satisfied, Disney is not very care, because they know that it is time to rely on the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series of popular quanqian! And the negative effect of a circle of money is not so serious, and there are so many fans in series a supporter, not bad reputation next money a good shot is, in case of successful speculation box office reputation again double harvest, the next time you can then quanqian! – this is Disney’s wishful thinking, you see? Www.aliexpress.com/store/2815058

Pirates of the Caribbean 4

subtitle file simply compare the cost of it,www.watchgetluxury.com, "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" is a what level. "Pirates of the Caribbean 3" as a trilogy series ending, known as the total cost of 300 million, the scale of investment after the blockbuster film "Afanda", and "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" cost only, more than third of the more than halved, the investment scale is called the year obviously. The "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" show what will be what kind of appearance in front of fans, it is not difficult to imagine the film not only large >!

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