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        "Kung Fu Panda 2" stills time release "Kung Fu Panda 2" opening, DreamWorks classic signs of children sitting on the moon fishing had been converted into a shadow effect of the master sitting fishing on the moon. This scene seems to indicate that the Chinese elements of the film than the first

"Kung Fu Panda 2" stills

time draft Kung Fu Panda 2, an opening, the dream of the classic symbol of the child sitting on the moon fishing was transformed into a shadow effect of the master sat on the moon fishing. This scene seems to indicate that the Chinese elements of the film will be more and deeper than the first. So,, in the next 90 minutes,, we seem to be watching a "Chinese": shadow, Tai Chi Kung Fu, said,, Qingchengshan, erhu…… In such a Hollywood movie, we seem to rediscover our cultural tradition.

movie Kung Fu Panda Kung Fu Panda "China 2 stills element analysis: roots China dream panda has ever appeared in the Hollywood, in Shanghai, China, glamour cheongsam, strange tone Chinese, Cantonese diminutive kung fu master, dressed in army green people…… But now, China is no longer a movie in a mysterious, strange, strange world. More and more Hollywood films are being shot in China, and more and more people are taking Chinese culture as their inspiration.

‘s "Kung Fu Panda" in 2008 has caused a big discussion about Chinese culture. Four years ago, "Kung Fu Panda," the Chinese elements, the Oriental eat more thoroughly, better performance of the 2. And we are still ringing in the ears to resist the sound of cultural invasion – this is called A Bao panda who is the child? "Kung Fu Panda" series of Chinese elements in the end how much? Does it really reflect the essence of our culture?

analysis of the Chinese elements, clarify its kernel, is not only to illustrate the "Kung Fu Panda" how Chinese, more is to see other people how to deal with the blend of eastern culture, do business and cultural experience. One day, we will be able to produce such a standard film.

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roots Tai Chi astrotech astrotech students panda

movie Kung Fu Panda 2 stills Tai Chi,


Pan Gu created heaven and earth, Three Emperors and Five Sovereigns until now. The original words of the original chaos, and then a way of life, a lifetime of two, two students, three. Negative Yin and Yang, Qi Qi thought." The Qing Dynasty rises to the sky, the turbidity is heavy and the land, between heaven and earth, is a panda.

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