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        online Joseph Chengdu has gathered more than 210 online games companies, nearly 30 thousand employees, overnight in Li Xiuzhong staged a series of just accept an interview with reporters, Yuan Xu also busy meeting room, reception of the Chengdu hi tech Zone Director Han Chunlin tuneJoseph

online games

Chengdu has gathered more than 210 online games companies, nearly 30 thousand employees,www.greatwatcheshere.com, staged a series of www.aliexpress.com/store/1954486

in the night

Li Xiuzhong


has just accepted the reporter’s interview, Yuan Xu and busy layout meeting room, reception of Chengdu hi tech Zone,luxury swiss watch, director of the CMC Han Chunlin.


since the first financial daily reported on it, Yuan Xu was quickly focused, and then also get the focus of the Chengdu high tech zone.


fast travel online accelerator 2010 Chengdu online game industry entrepreneurial team, the emergence of a large number of employees nearly 30 thousand _ Xinmin, President of the 1984 birth of the fast travel network technology company with Bill Gates’s experience: Yuan Xu in college computer professional read a year after school to return to Chengdu to establish online service company. After several years of development, fast travel in the industry has emerged, and get VCs favor.


Yuan Xu said he was very lucky, but in Chengdu, such a success story has been "good luck" copy.


Chengdu high tech Zone, director of the soft push Yin Zhaoyin told the first Financial Daily reporters, Chengdu online game industry, the emergence of a large number of entrepreneurial team. As of the end of 2009, the local online game industry practitioners to reach more than 10000 people, to achieve sales income of nearly 1 billion 500 million yuan.


in the gaming industry, the upstart wealth staged a series, a young man of 80 entrepreneurial impulse, they dream of becoming Chen Tianqiao, Shi Yuzhu. And Chen Tianqiao have put their eyes on this group, the giant online games in Chengdu to acquire online products, online games team, mergers and start-up companies incorporated, rich also staged here.


26 years old, 100 million yuan investment


in Chengdu to engage in online games are mostly young people after 80, they may be a game player, or very interested in online games. Yuan Xu and partner is known through online games, common interests and hobbies in Guangzhou and Hangzhou to partner together to start a business in Chengdu. Www.biao168.>

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