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Hello! I had always thought that the Rolex Thunderbird/T.O.G. is a wonderful watch which by some reason has never caught the attention it deserved from collectors and users of fine Rolex watches.   I wish to share with my friends at Purists, some pictures of my own watches (References 6609 y 1625) and a bit of their history.  

These watches are generally known as Turn-O-Graph, though in some special references,
luxury swiss watch, are also known as Thunderbird model. Both watches, reference 6609 and 1625 are actually a variant of the more well known and succesful Model Date Just.  

  To better understand the origins of the name Thunderbird, is necessary to explore a little of their story.   A few years after the creation of the U.S. Air Force, which occurred just after the end of Second World War, the new created Force decided to organize an special unit devoted to air demonstrations, which was formed with skilled and experimented pilots, specially trained in air acrobacy.   This special unit, was created on May 25,
http://www.time4usale.com, 1953, and the name chosen for them was: "Thunderbirds". The official name of the unit was " Group Number 3600 of Air Demonstration",
www.fashion-wirst.com, and was based in the Luke Air base, at Arizona. Their airplanes were specially decorated with a very spectacular livery, which distinguished the planes, and made them very eassy to view on the sky.   It is interesting to note, that the name "Thundebirds" has its origins in some deep Old West tradition and mitology, coming from the original american people living in the South West region of the USA. One mitical animal in special,
www.topsalewatch.com, was the Thunder Bird, a very large falcon or eagle of great wing span, that, when starting its flight, moved its powerful wings so forcefuly as to making a high sound (thunder) which was heard at longe distances, and made the earth tremble.   The Thunder Bird was also chosen as the emblem of the acrobatic team.


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