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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; home n times 20 set home, n-th power diversity plot introduced (1 – 20 episodes, Huicong broadcast network] in the end is what? We don’t need answers, we’re just living in a serious way. Behind every one of us, there may be a tragedy.

home of the N 20 sets, N square "diversity plot (1 – 20 sets, Huicong broadcast network] in the end is what? We don’t need answers, we’re just living in a serious way. Each of us behind him: and maybe there is a tragedy, our future days also once again experiencing a variety of, but this does not prevent us blooming life, like the sun brilliant live. We are not perfect, so we need to support and hand in hand, we embrace each other and doted on each other, to support each other’s backbone in,fashion watches, to lend their arms. We are such a walk, we will always go on like this. The family’s N restructuring can be the beginning of a tragedy, it can be the starting point of the N times happy. The remote control is always in your hands, just look at what you want to press a start button…… First set Chu Mu’s mother to get married,905.ND.0001.RX, his girlfriend to break up with him, he accompanied his mother came to the new dad home. His new father’s name is Xue Maoxiang,luxury swiss watches, his new father’s family is very rich, in his wedding day Xue Yang’s son with a group of friends came to the wedding scene, Xue Yang a door on the make a,Erotic Baby Doll Sexy Lingerie Plus Size, and then went away. Chu Mu and his girlfriend Zhao Wen because her mother married into the wealthy and noisy up, he did not intend to live in the villa. Xue Yang in his father married the day did not go home, he is very miss his mother. Chu Mu’s three dad to send her dad a car, his mother drove to school to pick him up, Chu Mu in the car and his mother noisy up, his mother took him home to eat dinner. Xue Yang dad advised him to move back home to live, Chu Mu to his three father’s home, to see such a big place, he felt no popularity, unlike a home. Xue Yang home on his knees and told his mother said he came back, Chu mu of his mother to do the dishes are Xue love to eat, Xue Yang said too salty to eat, called home sister Lee again to do. Xue Yang every dish can not eat a dish to let down, but the Chu animal husbandry are stopped. Chu Mu rice did not finish eating and ran out, his girlfriend called to eat together. Zhao Wenquan Chu Mu back home, said a heap of let him suck it. Xue Maoxiang advised to xueyang try to accept the stepmother, but Xue Yang did not understand his father’s idea. Chu Mu mother afraid he can not eat a good meal, and returned to his home to do two dishes, his mother advised him not to and xue. After persuading Chu Mu promised second days to go home again. Chu Mu to find Minister Sun, he is because of Cui Da’s friends came here. Chumu in the company started to practice, her girlfriend to a company candidates, spend the pocket money for more than two months to buy him a more than 3000 pieces of the package. Second set looking at Zhao Wen, he took the Cui to go. Chu Mu once again came to his three father’s house, this time Xue Yang is not in, he ate very. Xue Yang told his friend his stepmother. In the pub, at a friend persuaded him back home. Weeks Dashao is O group, while Xue Yang is Maoxiang international, week >

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