Photo Korean 49 days ending cheating best love comedy host 2011

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; although the file series competition also continues to be intense, but Shuimu drama changes become focus of May 3 weeks drama! May 2011 third weeks of the list of the Korean drama I try to lie to try to download the 10 set 3 "you can hear my heart" MBC 4 "try on me" SBS HD online< p > although other file series competition also continues to be intense, but Shuimu drama changes become focus of May 3 weeks drama!


May 2011 third week drama


to lie to me to try 10 sets to download 3 "you can hear my heart" nightgowns


4 "try on me" SBS HD online


5 "new prostitution" SBS HD online

nightgowns< p > photo: the drama "49 days, ending pit dad" best love "hilarious upper holding lie to me try 10 sets to download, 10." our women KBS "nightgowns,

"the 49 day" reversal finale, Shen Zhixian eventually die nightgowns

< p > the 49 day "this week ushered in the finale, but very shock reversal finale let many chase drama fans shouted do not eat, but also to the 49 day" has become after the first quarter of the "sign", this year the second in the big finale to the audience a strong impact on the work.

nightgowns< p > drama Shen Zhixian in finally easily through the soul of 49 days of travel obtained three drops of love,
Summer Women Swimwear, tears ", from the vegetative state after waking, actually is a dispatcher told only live again for 6 days,
Summer Women Swimwear, because of her destiny is the only live up to this time. Heard the news, for fear is not only the play Shen Zhixian think audience but also have expressed, hard chase drama for more than two months is looking forward to the lovers of the perfect ending to a Shen Zhixian and Han the three drops of tears have been,
Summer Women Swimwear, finally Shen Zhixian still could not escape death. And finally, the dispatcher Song Yixiu after five years to accomplish the task of dispatcher, just won the again and Song Yijing meet untied the misunderstanding and say goodbye to the opportunity, play two pairs of lovers ended in death. No matter what the writer wants to tell the audience what kind of meaning through this story,
Summer Women Bikini, in short, the audience generally have a feeling of being fooled.

nightgowns< br / > the impact of this is not the end of it. Finally, Song Yijing actually become Shen Zhixian childhood lost sister, such arrangement makes the original integrity and novelty are considered good, "49 days", and back to the drama of the old tunes and melodies, really is to gild the lily. And the last two episodes.

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