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        Shenzhen daily news (reporter Yang Mei) "my dream is to invent a kind of ink, the ink point, the whole world will become green." In 29, the Oriental TV "China’s Got Talent" on the stage, the 12 year old Mongolia boy Wuda wood song "in dream

Shenzhen Special Zone Daily News (reporter Yang Mei) "my dream is to invent a kind of ink, the ink point, the whole world will become green." In 29, Dragon TV’s "China talent show" on stage, 12 year old of Mongolian boy wudamu song the dream Eji (mother) "hundreds of thousands of spectators, then through the microblogging and the major video website become focus of the network. But some friends also questioned the lip synching. This "China talent show" publicity director Liuwei yesterday in a telephone interview with reporters denied: "the scene is absolutely impossible for lip synching."

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Mongolia Wuda boy Prince Wuda wood wood grassland singing and red wood from Hulun Buir, Wuda, like "the little prince" the protagonist of the aristocratic temperament let he will play to win the love. He sang a song of missing mother would sing Mongolian songs "dream Eji", to express the thoughts of the deceased parents. Although you do not understand the lyrics, but the judges Annie Yi and many viewers are impressed by the affection, and constantly wipe the tears of his eyes. The original Wuda wood 9 years old, his mother died in a car accident, 11 years old, bad luck again,luxury swiss watch, my father also saw his performance in the case of a car accident and died.

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Mongolia Wuda boy and many users also questioned. Some netizens said, watching video on the Internet, Wuda wood sound with the mouth is obviously out of. Reporters interviewed on the matter yesterday, China’s Got Talent publicity director Lu Wei, he said he also saw the users have such a question. "I can live in the Shanghai music hall, Udamu is certainly not lip synching. Judges Shujun is a professional musician, and later wudamu also sang a short, if it is lip synching he could not listen to not to come out. " He said he remembered Wuda wood submitted to the judges are in harmony with the accompaniment, but absolutely no sound. "We are absolutely not so fool the audience and professional judges, all players will come to sing a live show of strength." His analysis, may be a network video picture not to have such friends on. Baby Doll Sexy Lingerie Plus Size

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