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< p > Royal Oak Offshore watches appeared in 1993, watch design very sporty show don’t trees resolute temperament. 20 years after publishing, this outstanding watch for the first time and a disdain for the group of London’s large and complex function movement combination set Q function, needle chronograph and calendar function after three treasure rare complex functions and integration, amazing.

2013SIHH: of the Royal Oak Offshore Large Complex watch

< p > Royal Oak Offshore large complicated watches is with modern style outstanding watches,
sleeping dress, to titanium and high-tech ceramic material, case diameter of 44 mM, rubber strap collocation, show the broad. Watch with large size, design have great originality, modeling simple and elegant,
pajamas for women, sophisticated functions. The line of the natural, perfect highlight the wearer’s demeanor. In addition, watch movement not just a traditional automatic mixing mechanical movement combining several rare complex functions: three questions function, double after needle chronograph and calendar function.

< p > this embodies artistic classic timepiece works full of modern style, is a veritable Audemars Piguet tabulation crystallization, show the
brand tabulation of talent and skill. The master’s attitude is to be a meticulous attitude,
Beach dress, and the 648 parts are assembled in a tiny space of only 8 cubic millimeters. Through blasting and other modern surface processing technology, highlighting the unique aesthetic chamfer and drawing a traditional craft. Through the sapphire crystal dial and a bottom cover, a glimpse of mechanical movement make this watch more Art beats nature., rise above the common herd. Under the ingenuity of the transparent bottom cover,
pajamas for women, can be clearly seen on the treatment of black gold automatic disc, the perfect foil for the overall design of the modern style.

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