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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the Yangcheng Evening News reporter Zhong Zheping figure / tsetse "if you underwritten on behalf of others to buy lottery tickets, in 500 million, you will do?" This is not a lottery certiorari, but in 2011 the national college entrance essay volume. With the growing ranks of the lottery, lottery, social function gradually

text / Yangcheng Evening News reporter Zhong Zheping map / the

"If you

generation people to buy lottery tickets, in 5 million, how would you do?" This is not a lottery certiorari, but in 2011 the national college entrance essay volume.

< p > with the lottery team growing, color, social function is gradually cognitive, once being labeled "descends" label lottery, now also openly published on the "something presentable and acceptable."

Guizhou college entrance essay topic 2011 lottery lottery board in good taste, small out of Title

June 7th morning, the college entrance examination in 2011 officially started. Candidates "speculation", "ready", a variety of essay, but when they opened the volume to write a composition on the topic, the title of this unconventional or make many people caught off guard. 2011 national volume (including, Guangxi, Guizhou, Yunnan, Gansu, Qinghai,sexy pajamas Satin, and other places) of the college entrance examination essay questions are as follows:< p > "on September 12, 2010, a lottery store owners for a lottery underwritten purchased a 1024 entry football lottery, the next day he learned that the lottery ticket in 533 million yuan immediately to the buyers call and give the buyer the lottery. A survey on the Internet, if you generation people buy lottery tickets in 5 million,
Sexy pajamas silk, how would you do? Survey attracted 16 million hits, 29.9% of people choose through the negotiation of two half and half points,
Bustiers Corset, 28.1% chose to leave the 500 million yuan, 22.1% of people choose to 500 million yuan to each other, and 19.9% of the people didn’t make a choice. Please according to the material to write an article of not less than 800 words, choose the angle requirements, determine the conception, clear style, with the title. "

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mixed hot Internet users

this popular topic quickly caused netizens hot.

< p > proponents say, college entrance examination is to move of many somes of iconoclastic, best even the college entrance examination system itself are "renovation", do not engage in stereotyped talent selection strategy. Some people say, speak of occupation, when see the Shanxi, now see the lottery betting station, too many social games, good faith "

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