U exposed a video disc lost civil parties hate suicide

        – reporter material of male and female QQ download pictures from space. Party was three years after the video out of, Baoliao million yuan a had been three years "before" section level cadres, due to a U disk drain, was traced to a seven segment is tenure video — recently, remember

– QQ space to download the reporter material and pictures from the newspaper.

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parties were three years after the video outflow, was expected to be expected million

hublot mp 05 ferrari< p > A had been three years "before" section level cadres, due to a U disk drain,
sexy pajamas, traced out seven segment is tenure of video, recently, the reporter received a a man "Baoliao said, he picked up a U disk, no 7 video, the parties believe a cadre of Zhuhai City, a part.

hublot mp 05 ferrari< p > reporter inquires the visit to understand, 7 video of the parties Chen is indeed worked as a part of a section level cadres, but fruit wind problems. Third years ago undetected, the incumbent stadium property administrator. Chen hinted that it was his confused thing in the past, and do not have to do this, and it is a reporter to see him before, which had just been that man and women ten thousand yuan to get back lost U disk.

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sauna occasions picked up a U disk containing indecent video hublot mp 05 ferrari

< p > 22 evening,
luxury swiss watches, the reporter received a man "rebellion,
gucci watch," said, he from Zhuhai, a sauna places picked up a U disk, U disk removed without Zhuhai genre trip around 7 video a senior official of the Bureau. That night, reporters call the agile men phone, the men and women claiming surnamed Li, 25 years old, Hubei people. He told reporters that pick up to the U disk without 7 video, no Zhuhai, a part of some of the documents and materials, his arms video signal to the when matter reward the part of an official.

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to verify the fact that the newspaper is sex, the reporter added to the men and women of the QQ, and asked to send relevant video over, but the men and women only to reporters from the video to cut three Chi pictures. Reporters found that three Chi video screenshot,www.fashion-chrono.com, the no one man and a woman are on the bed of the image, men and women are unified ego, while the inside of the three women are not unified ego, outside of the two women wear glasses.

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fruit to do the wind problem video parties have not been

hublot mp 05 ferrari< p > yesterday afternoon, the reporters came to Zhuhai genre brigade around the Bureau and will have to submit material and discusses the environment and screenshots, to Zhuhai genre brigade visit bureau Party committee students report. After viewing the video capture and listen to the news, the students quickly find a way to the genre of the Bureau of the relevant cadres, the end of the recognition, the video of men and women is Chen, he did

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