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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; New York, on the red carpet, hundreds of flash is anxiously expect "Harry Potter" Hermione played Emma Wouter solemnity and and is not near a few feet but funny scene. Elmar, the driver of the parking management staff have been unhappy< p > New York, on the red carpet, hundreds of flash is anxiously expect "Harry Potter" Hermione who played Emma & middot; Watson… However, it is not near a few feet was funny scene. Emma’s driver parking management staff of the unhappy let on: managers said Emma’s car cover the other guests of to, and Emma’s driver was the venue, reason is the Emma warned him to stop the vehicle is recently at lest get net her luxurious formal attire.


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at Hollywood’s highest paid actress in the face of troubles. This week just after 20 years old birthday Emma call her lawyer, required to remove a not famous small nets sit on the release of her "nude". Her spokesman also stressed "nude" Mirage: "(nude) Emma’s head with respect to the female body too large, her face from female perspective is inconsistent." Any female stars are likely to face the trouble and refuse to hire, when Elmar’s anti too intense.


the Hollywood actress also recognized, I am still working smoothly the spotlight. While Elmar is not 30 million pounds of the bank’s wealth, but at the end of his inability to rely on magic to ease the plight of the reality.


later this month, Elmar ·, Watson revealed that I had been in the

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attending Brown University in Rhode Island, but frankly, I was one of the worst in the class". Elmar chose to go back to school, but because of the success of the 6 Potter Harry series film horror.


Hermione ed2k Elmar · Watson; beat thousands of candidates at the age of 9,www.wrist4usale.com, playing the "Potter Harry" outside the little wizard Hermione and success. And by dint of the newly released two Harry Potter movies. She beyond Julia & middot; Roberts, Jennifer & middot; Jen and other famous foreign names, become the income of most Hollywood actress. Surprisingly, Emma & middot Watson and no to pick to play the other characters in the movie, but chose to return to school,www.love4usale.com, thought about the life of ordinary people. Though it was a big success on the screen.

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