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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; new Luxeon no which promoted 2011 April 28, Vivitek Luxeon held "through the shadow dream" from the title 2011VIVITEK all new conference to introduce its annual projector product. Besides, the QumiQ2 micro projector is in the fashion of the outside and the close support.With no new

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< p > 2011 April 28,
Bustiers Corset, Vivitek Luxeon held "through the shadow dream" from the title 2011VIVITEK all new conference to introduce its annual projector product. Besides, QumiQ2 micro projector to fashionable outside the indecent and close support 720P HD function every general concern. After the meeting, the reporter some concern the problem of Vivitek Vivitek products division Shi Yanming and Mr. Vivitek Luxeon product to the prison van constant were interviewed.

http://https://www.wish.com/merchant/fuzhouhengdetradingcoltd< p > 3D meat Futon Nora play product innovation leading visited Vivitek projection Shi Yan. Reporter: Although the Vivitek Luxeon into foreign market time is not very long, but first raises the grand policy of the comparison, also known as the "five years into the top five." Guest year is also the sales increase and sales data are very large. I want to ask now is Vivitek with product planning is to what?

http://https://www.wish.com/merchant/fuzhouhengdetradingcoltd< p > Shi Yan, name: when we are in 2009 into foreign markets, the Vivitek Luxeon just beginning, so in 2009 when we are product planning first want to do of, is together the product line,
Replica watches, as a new brand if the product line is not available, the master is not determined. The principle we are ever reached in 2010. As said in 2011, the US is in addition to the product line of. The first is the innovation of science and technology, the second is the leading product. Is the product of the depth and breadth, you not later than 10000 lumens of product under the watchful eyes of the people,
canada Goose outlet, we are free from 300 lumens. Currently the Vivitek Luxeon is portable, education, engineering and home theater structure, product line complete, I believe is zero projection industry is one of the highest. So in addition to the complete product line, this year we note is the innovation of science and technology, and is a product of the leading. While the Vivitek is only with fruit today released the world’s first ultra portable, high brightness projector. This year we will also launch the world’s first 2D to turn the 3D projector, as we do PPT demonstration is 3D. Those are Vivitek with is technology innovation,
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reporter: Vivitek projector product craft, is the applicability and scope of the product of the past.

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