Hangzhou news news June 1, 2011 main line build all-weather window

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Hangzhou "news vertical transversal" build around the clock news window 2011 June 1, 2010 in domestic and foreign major news, "news vertical transversal": to build around the clock news window 2010 major domestic and international news "for the first time, the first scene, the first capital news,
http://www.luxury4ubest.com, here is the new< br > < br > Hangzhou "news vertical transversal" to create a 24-hour news window 2011 June 1, 2010 in domestic and foreign major news, "news vertical transversal": to build around the clock news window http://www.aliexpress.com/store/326644,< p > 2010 domestic and foreign major news "for the first time, the first scene, the first information,
breitling watch, here is" news vertical transversal "– on June 12, 2010, Hangzhou channel opened the whole point of broadcast news program" news vertical transversal ", from 10 a.m. to 10 o’clock in the evening, day nine whole point, a total of 55 minutes. This is a first gear to Hangzhou local news, taking into account the major news at home and abroad public class news program. This marks the Hangzhou since then to create a 12 hour non-stop news broadcast platform. News from the closed type (the type) reported to marching reported changes, and runs through the instant news mobile subtitles rolling, for Hangzhou citizens to create a window of around the clock news, to form a larger news influence and competitiveness in the Hangzhou market. "The main line" of the launch of the news, also officially opened the prelude to the Hangzhou City Taiwan local news channel. After two months of running north-south line and news has become Hangzhou comprehensive news channel center rolling news broadcast of the engine and 24-hour news broadcast platform indispensable support. In general, the main line of the "news" from the following three aspects to promote and improve the overall structure of the Hangzhou news channel. News column section structure further optimized before the launch of the "news vertical transversal", Hangzhou Channel original "live 12345", "60 minutes", "Hangzhou",
www.time4usale.com, the Tao then report "file 4 distinctive broadcast news programs. Although the 3 and a half hours of news throughout the day length, but is still a fragmented structure of forum: "live 12345" time is 12:00 noon to afternoon 13:30, the basic categories of complaints reported; "60 minutes" time for 18:00 to 18:56, is the channel’s flagship news program, features of the livelihood of the people news era with a strong post; the Hangzhou "time 19:30 to 19:53, is the political; the Tao and report time is 21:45 until 22:30,
replica handbags, as Hangzhou and the latest news is to host the perspective of all the day’s news is not the same interpretation. Throughout this 4 stalls broadcast news, the distinction between the plate and the plate obvious, uneven coverage of the day, the daily news is difficult to do rolling coverage, all day attention. And with the "news vertical transversal" launched, day nine whole point, and "live 12345", "60 minutes", "Hangzhou" and the small summer said "(taped). Throughout the day a total of 13 files news columns, 12 broadcast window, reaching from morning till night >

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