Henan TV channel, China News Network Henan branch online test

        2010; people’s TV channel in Henan and Henan. Adhering to the development of the "news video",
sexy Sleepshirts, the people’s TV channel in Henan in 2010 to try to run. Since the on-line, the people’s TV channels in Henan continue to optimize the video technology, rich

2010,www.chrono2u.com, the people’s TV Henan channel and news network Henan branch has tried to run.

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adhering to the development of the news video, the people’s TV channel in Henan in 2010 to try to run. Since on-line, continuous optimization of video technology people of Henan TV channel, rich video content,http://www.fashion-chrono.com, currently has a news network "people view" and "high-end", "the first scene" and "Internet comment" and a number of distinctive characteristics of key columns, these columns can transfer voice and reflect the people’s livelihood news and information, at the same time also present in depth reporting style and features of the culture of central plains. Among them, "said Wang Shi" has become the people’s TV column fixed. People’s TV Henan channel to its authority video reports, fast video broadcast, unique perspective and fashion news editor to show the vitality and energy of the network. > > > click into the people’s TV channel

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, chinanews.com Henan online line test run, chinanews.com Henan branch network is the local branch chinanews.com established in people.com.cn Henan channel, since the trial run, Henan branch network through the "party view" and "the dialogue" and "newspaper reading" and other columns actively promote the government policy, the central transfer, Acura pioneer era, show the style of Party building. This year Chinese celebrate the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC founding special,www.fashion-chrono.com, chinanews.com Henan opened "history today" and "red flag" etc.. By reviewing the history of the important moment, show excellent style hundred people in the new style in the Acura ahead of the great achievements of the national construction China under the leadership and the masses of the people. It can be said that China News Network Henan branch not only greatly enriched the news content of the people’s Henan channel, but also for the Henan party and government work to create a good position. > > > click to enter China News Network Henan

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