Why is the sound of time so expensive Table three decryption technology principle [figure] Q _ watch

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www.mildluxurywatch.com, and tourbillon, calendar, is a mechanical watch is a complex function, mechanical tabulation process in one of the biggest challenges: in the limited space to join timekeeping used spring device, sometimes in order to melodious sound like three or more sets of hammer spring, many parts such as hair general small. Each watch brands are three fine table asked, seems to is not to make money, but to prove their skill, in order to improve the reputation and international status.

time table and asked for

three listening mode

time: three struck the table asked the shifting handle, it will send out the melody. The bass is the time, for example: "when, when, when the 3 ring is 3 points,". Then it is at the moment, generally high bass with, for example, "the bells, bells," that is, the two quarter (30 points). Next, a high pitched is the caller. For example: "Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding,sleep tops, Ding", 5 ring is 5 minutes, so now the time is 3 point 35 points.

< p > simply said, three question form is striking,
Bustiers Corset, watchcase side button or shifting handle, press it, you can hear the Ding Dong voice timekeeping. In different rhythms clock,
Sexy Lingerie Jacobs Skirt, hour and minute said ask table called "three questions". For example, the time is 1:53 when a sound, five jingle and three sound bites in 10 minutes time system.

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