Chen Kun will start canvassing the June 1, 2011 movie Kung Fu Panda real son

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the butterfly on the shoulder the expectations billions of dollars at the box office report from our correspondent (reporter Zhenguo) yesterday, film "shoulder butterfly" held in the conference of the theme,
Replica watch, director Jacob Cheung rate, starring Chen Kun, Jiang Yiyan and attended. Film distribution high military said, "the shoulder of the butterfly" in the summer file

"shoulder",click here; butterfly expect billions of dollars at the box office

Washington (reporter Wang Zhenguo) yesterday, the film "on the shoulder," the theme song in the press conference, director Zhang Zhiliang rate starring Chen Kun, Jiang Yiyan,fake bags, etc.. The film distribution high military said, "the shoulder of the butterfly" to the summer file in a piece of a piece of. Chen Kun also said that the film will be a real action, he will launch his son into the battle to pull high box office.

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< p > Chen Kun will start canvassing real son 2011 June 1st film Kung Fu Panda 2 download, download movie Kung Fu Panda 2 predicted the shoulder butterfly "billions of dollars at the box office longines watches,

competition is about to open the film summer. Yesterday, "shoulder" butterfly film distributors Gao stunned. "The shoulder of the butterfly," about July 8th release, he predicted: "this film will be the first 7 film market leader, I am confident that the film into a million yuan at the box office."

longines watches< p > film "on the shoulders of the butterfly," although it is an artistic film. However, the production of sophisticated, with more than 7000 million at the box office of the mountain before Gao Jun eyes music, starring are not inferior to. "

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Chen Kun took the child to see the love

longines watches< p > the shoulder butterfly "tells the story of a occurred in the Moon Island, the poignant love story, played by Chen Kun Yan and Jiang Yiyan played the baby in the month old trees in front praying, the plant belongs to their quiet orchid, Yan country but for no reason in coma, sad Bao Bao and joking reached an agreement willing to 3 years of butterfly in exchange for the awakening of his love.

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film, the role played by Jiang Yiyan and Chen Kun, Lunmei Kwai, Gigi Leung three female characters have a section on the love of the opponent play. According to director Zhang Zhiliang introduced, the film is a special effect of the play, such as Jiang Yiyan and Chen Kun Waltz together, Jiang Yiyan will slowly become a white butterfly, Chen Kun stopped at the shoulders, the picture is beautiful.

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conference, Chen Kun generous said, hoping to see the son to see this in his eyes, a light, deep, literature,, film, because he felt that the film in addition to love, but also the elements of the fairy tale world, hope that his son can see that beautiful world.

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with a child who is still in primary school to see love.

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