Fast travel together in Shushan to help the hard and fast Travel Online beta 2011-6-1

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; click to enter "Shushan" database client download 2010 April 7, 15, called the "3D Xiuxian online terminator" Shushan ", will not delete files is not restricted, death defying beta." As a kind of cultivation online with PK as one of the major characteristics, fast travel>

; > click on the ",;Shushan" database

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client download

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< p > 2010 April 7, 15, called the "3D Xiuxian online terminator" Shushan ", will not delete files is not restricted, death defying beta." As a PK is one of the major characteristics of the fairy kind the net swims, swim fast accelerator will join "Shushan", during the closed beta,
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replica watches for sale< p > Xun swim hand in hand "Shushan" booster "death defying beta 2011-6-1 Xun swim the online registration accelerator, whether to go it alone or teamwork sent Dongfu war, alliance of the war of resistance against Japan, in fast travel assistance,
click here, those like Jisu PK experience players will to more fun the game experience.

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< p > "Shushan", according to huanzhu Louzhu’s masterpieces "Shushan" chivalrous swordsman biography "adaptation and, creatively combines the animation style of ancient Chinese ink painting and fashion, heavy to render the mood of a work of art but also without loss of detail depict not only for players to create a beautiful ancient immortal chivalrous swordsman world and the screen is very appropriate game fantasy theme, making into the game every internationally as if place oneself in a smart freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting cartoon,
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game, game player will flocked into the room, it will be called as "hard beta". After the game, defying the beta for quite a long time, the server needs to death defying like load, and the player’s speed will also face challenges like a demon. It is reported that, in the launch of the Shushan exclusive accelerator, download and register an account number, you can get a 30 day free game Accelerated Service (from April 7th until May 7th), during this period, the use of fast travel accelerator 2010 accelerated "Shushan", will not spend a penny, you can enjoy the fast travel VIP services.

replica watches for sale< p > Xun Yu accelerator has been in the minds of gamers have a good reputation. It supports multiple connection mode and a variety of communication protocols, has the high compatibility and security, intelligent technology equipped with, players select the most appropriate online line in the shortest time, and effectively resolve the delay encountered by players in an online game, login >

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