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must have a sweet dream in every woman’s heart,, but most of them are no longer a girl’s age, how to maintain a moderate sweetness and not seem too Over believe that everyone wants to learn the topic. Han Chae young,replica iwc watches, Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Young Eun has to our demonstration of 30 + company exclusive with sweet,, just watch the embellishment, elegant into can the sweetness just right.

Han Caiying

was cute pink

PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint,

!< p > spring arrival of wake wear skirt of a variety of careful thinking, South Korea "Barbie" nickname Han Chae young really does not lose its name, although has entered the ranks of the light ripe, but for controlling the pink gauze skirt still familiar. Straight and shoulder long hair elegant nature, for the dream of pink and add a layer of romance. In order to neutralize icky sweet pink hue, she chose the square Santos watch, simple geometric shape as a whole into a trace of personality, really is ingenuity is dye in the wood.

PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint,

!< p > Han Chae young wearing this watch the backing is not small, 1904, this kind of is Brazilian Aviator Santos Dumont gift gift. Design of a small screw has now become a characterization of Cartier and meaningful representative modern temperament, dynamic design with square and rectangular creative, and runs counter to the traditional round watch concept. Square case corner arc extended to lug curve,
luxury swiss watch, forming single strap collocation can be treasures. It was simple and elegant geometric modeling, the modern sense of the full design, bold powerful lines, and the pink sweetness, let sweet keep just right.

PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint,


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