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fashion: Dior D de Dior Opal La series ,

< p > Dior La D de Dior opal series of this watch reflects what is called minimalism, black satin strap with 18K white gold round dial, bezel and ear are inlaid with sparkling diamonds and dial without any decoration, only two indicating time pointer, but all this simple design are for the dial fascinating color collocation, the pink, white and yellow mixture sometimes exudes a quiet atmosphere, sometimes rippling captivating charm,
luxury swiss watches, let a person unable to avert his gaze.

fashion collocation Tips

< p > this year’s hot black and white stripes,
bag outlet, can show thin and full of fashionable feeling, waist bag hip styles appears the woman flavour is dye in the wood. Chose the black and white stripes, jacket and other accessories also corresponding to a black-and-white choice and does not require any decorative pattern,, this match will not look on elements too cluttered. Black and white minimalist just Dior this watch design and fit, the look is both stylish and full of feminine.


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