This summer ICON Kerr turned fashion jewelry demonstration mix of new rules

collocation rule one: the same element collocation ,

model actress: Xinyi Zhang

Calvin Klein watches jewelry first flagship store opened in Beijing,Replica watch, Xinyi Zhang dressed in elegant white dress to help out. As one of the "four small Huadan" new generation actress,panerai watch, zhangxinyi fashion sense count is very keen,, the simplicity of self-cultivation A-One piece looked clear quietly elegant element, do not have some flavor, especially under the ornament of gold accessories and watches, it is both dignified and generous fashion all.

interpretation: simple gold jewelry collocation + gold watch

< p > match the dress accessories dotting, zhangxinyi selection is the avant-garde minimalist style long golden chain and ring, smooth metal lines full of post modern beauty, without losing texture design and one piece of minimalist style complement each other. As to choose to watch, zhangxinyi wear is the same texture extraordinary gold wristwatch, hollowed out metal strap and round dial to bring visual beauty foil with long chain and ring, the two complement each other, the whole shape looks more refreshing.


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