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"art comes from life" five unique artistic charm watches recommended

Patek Philippe (Twenty~4®) 4910/54R rose gold watch


watch series: Twenty~4®


domestic price: no

< p > a brief review on watch: the wristwatch to carving patterns as the original intention of art by 18k rose metal to build the case and bracelet, according to the rattan engraved lines embedded a plurality of diamonds, designed for modern elegant and full of women’s vitality and design. The art through the design of the cane and perfect sketched,
Replica watches, such curve is more care for the beauty of women’s wrist. Rattan design with diamonds inlaid, the overall exudes the There is nothing comparable to this luxury beauty.

"art comes from life",panerai watch; five unique artistic charm watches recommended

Piaget (Limelight) series G0A35107 watch

watch series: Limelight series

domestic price: no

comment: watch the watch with diamonds and designs as artistic intention. A look at a glance,fake bags, as if a black eye in the squeeze the lock chain to look out. The unique style of the chain design, highlighting the extraordinary attainments of the count. 18K White Gold Diamond appearance, the case and strap to integrate into a whole, through the half open chain design seems to be the time closed inside, fixed in a moment. Such an extraordinary creative work, the exquisite craft of the count. This watch not only belongs to the Earl of Limelight series, it is the Exceptional Pieces extraordinary treasures.

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