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Amastacia the Swiss star flower series watch


(Amastacia) means "star flower",, is the Nordic legend of the elves of the first name. Enicar Swiss in the beautiful dream of the name for the concept, first introduced especially as the wizard like shiny slim "Amastacia star of the flower series ladies watch. In addition to the adhering to the enicar fine craftsmanship, excellent mechanical watch core quality, "star flower series" also has global women’s mechanical watch in the most dexterous 21.5mm table body. Scintillation crystal Hao decorative stone table circle, let the wearer as if flying in the vast universe of StarCraft; dial in the center of the vortex pattern, especially as the wizard in star flowers happily rotational galloping, emitting a moon like elegant mellow light, naturally showing crystal clear,luxury swiss watch, cleverness sensitive and unique temperament. Stainless steel rose gold makes fine steel strap to design a dual, yutie comfort and create soft in the band just personality, highlight the women of excellence.

< p > whether collocation daily commuter outfit or casual wear, enicar star flower watch can Jinxian women elegant wisdom and vivid side. As enicar new spokesperson Yang Mi, looks sweet and lively, faced with work, diligent, always send out unique charm. In large enicar new a series of advertisements,
Replica watch, Yang Mi dressed in small soft chiffon dress, wearing enicar star flower watch, dancing in the Prague Castle Garden, garden in the flower and the breeze time, vivid interpretation of the connotation of "the spirit of flowers". This makes Yingnage "star flower" series of women by Tim is very popular.


Grande Reverso 1931 Rouge

flip large red dial watch

red is the color of the Christmas flowers, red is the festive color, red is the color of freedom. At the end of 2012, Jaeger Le Coulter in the fire like passion gift Christmas, the re launch of Grande Reverso 1931 Rouge large red flip dial watch. Reverso turning watch series since the beginning of the birth is in hot pursuit of the world, of which there are many artists and elites have chosen red dial. This large red dial flip watch re interpretation of the 1930s red dial, in order to people of that era uninhibited romantic tribute, the fashion and staunch free style inheritance. It is equipped with a Jaeger Le Coulter type 822 manual winding movement,panerai watch, watchcase atmosphere and slim, with enthusiasm, classical and creative in a body. As the 1930 time table, the original elegant, express a firm free style.

elegant flower

series of Lingni 10090 women


Swiss scholar Lingni series has always Damen >

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