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Joey Wong is obsessed with every twinkle and smile so beautiful, and know that the performance of the United states. Joey Wong seldom wears a watch, but it is very popular especially earrings, long earrings. Slim compact style, is not a bit exaggerated, in the cheeks and sometimes clever clever side sway. Is beautiful, but also so ravishing.


< p > as Joey is generally a long oval face of women, you can choose styles contracted clever long earrings, a modified side lines, add vivid.

Paloma Picasso® Olive; Leaf Vine Drop Earrings,;

    $950;   reference price:

(about 5813 RMB)

II Black Onyx and Sterling Silver Drop Earrings

; IPPOLITA    $795;   reference price:

(about 4865 RMB)

Blue Nile Blue Topaz Roped Dangle Earrings in 14K Yellow Gold,;

    $975;  ,; reference price:

(about 5966 RMB)


Nathalie Jean PRISMES Drop Earrings elements 4;

    $610;   reference price:

(about 3733 RMB)



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