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< p > many fashion brands today with a very high spirited attitude in the market Gongchengluede,, but it is difficult to make their become the mainstream in the eyes of the media. Most fashion brands are just stuck in order to enrich their own product line, so that more like the choice of accessories, while the real focus on the production of mechanical watches fashion brands, a handful of. Bulgari is regarded as the cross-border development after a leader, after the acquisition of several technology brands,
Longines, Bulgari is a series of vertical chain integrated,, from watchcase, watch chain to the movement are by themselves are in full production.

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!< br / > the perfect fusion of classic and innovative blue balloon Cartier Watch series, like bright stars, beyond imagination, and illuminate the universe. Watch leaders Cartier is a continuation of the essence of innovation, tries their best to offer three new fashion watch masterpiece: Chronograph open passion, speed dial diamond watches reveal Hua Guishe beauty, thin form a quest trend in the future. Enjoy similar to the wonderful new works, will on the Cartier art master day horse empty imagination to create a new round of "blue balloon" fashion trend. In the world of fantasy saga has been launched. Walk between the classic and futuristic style, familiar with the arc of a strange mixture of results, is a new star in the Galaxy series of Cartire.




PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint


the watch with 42 mm large caliber rose gold case build, highlights the smooth masculine style. Such as cobblestone like rounded shape, like a weight loss of the ball is suspended on the wrist, with get rid of all the fetters of the natural and unrestrained. Elegant crocodile leather strap, but will ever be just perfect overall effectively strengthen, three-dimensional effect. On the right side of the spherical sapphire crown, played a role in the finishing touch, let table focus to gather in this,Replica watch, highlighting the naming of "blue ball". It means the Cartire 049 automatic movement, wheel swing 28800 times per hour, with 42 hours of power storage. Also equipped with 18K rose gold folding buckle, comfortable to wear.

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