Xun Zhou Cecilia Cheung and other PK love to watch the battle.

1, Xun Zhou PK Cecilia Cheung: a white watch

Xun Zhou often played some of the "immortal" role,www.free4usale.com, while Cecilia Cheung’s debut,LONGINES WATCHES, with fresh image to let us for the heart. At the same time when they will watch with white collocation, can produce what kind of surprise?

Xun Zhou: white vest + White Watch

always appears with simple fan Xun son, is in a casual and casual do is be just perfect. Large white dial watch on her wrist, the atmosphere appears to be simple and, and tailored white vest and jeans combination, let a person feel like the sun like a lively and clever. Such collocation, will definitely be in good out of a bandbox in dating.

score: assumes


Cecilia Cheung: white skirt + Purple watch

when Cecilia Cheung put her whole model to make clear and bright, a perfect image will appear in front of us. Sleeveless white dress with foil out her gentleness and beauty of the state,cartier watches, purple strap watch is fantastic, let a person at first glance he noticed her presence. Sweet smile is the weapon to win in love.

score: assumes

luxury watches.

first round: the two sides tied


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