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in addition to Zhang Ziyi, "the other three instructors China the strongest" are Eason Chan, Luo Dayou and Zheng Jun. As the only non music professional, is the only a female tutor, Zhang Ziyi is Seth spider 2013 spring and summer series white cloak, white coat, black and white printing shorts,, with black high heels, seems to a pair of elegant teacher. With a head of soft curls on her shoulders, are charming and elegant.

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teacher a international elegant fan, of course to watch the same elegant collocation. Vacheron Constantin series of 1972 this white diamond watch with 18K platinum material, dial and table ring studded with diamonds, bold trapezoidal watchcase design is exudes an irresistible attraction. This watch is small and exquisite, elegant profile permeated with clean and neat style, very suitable for tailored to the unique, simple style of white coat collocation.

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!< p > Seth spider this white cloak, Shu Qi also has been through, she choose is to match with the brand’s jumpsuit, both capable and modern. In contrast, Zhang Ziyi with black turtleneck sweater,
fashion watches, black and white printing shorts to wear more seamless, black high-heeled shoes foot exposed her slender legs, in grace capable I significantly a few charming.

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