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editor: Lange Pocket Series 109, platinum

< p > Lange table is very precise German mechanical watch brand, its main characteristic is: unparalleled exquisite technology and high level of perfect manually. Lange insisted only precious metal mechanical watches,
fake bags, making it the quality and price are higher than it.

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!< p > this wristwatch combines watchmaking division Dynasty accumulated all the knowledge and technology, to reproduce the 160 years ago, Ferdinando Adolf,, Lange open style. This extraordinary profit and loss in the show as the moon watch really like the moon,, precisely follow the moon’s orbit.

PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint

!< p > Lange only manufacturing mechanical watches, only using self-made movement, and different series of the table paragraph must use different base movement. The movement has many tables and precision watch connoisseurs dream of, all the characteristics of the brand has the long time.

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