Tradition series Grande Complication Breguet watch rose gold [figure] _ watch _ auction _ fashion wa

Tradition series Grande Complication

rose gold watch< p > from Abraham Louis & middot; souscription legendary Breguet table,
Graham London watches, this art also reflects the company to regain the brand vision of foundation and forward-looking. Its pure, modern aesthetic experience for its located in the upper part of the main board of the flywheel and sesame chain drive system to create the conditions. This sculpture of the table highlights the contrast and the three-dimensional effect,
Michele Watches, and gives each component of the vigorous vitality. These technological achievements symbolize the watchmaking excellence Breguet has been fully protected 4 patents.

Tradition series Grande Complication Breguet watch rose gold

in 2006, launched the first batch of silicon material with Breguet balance spring and escapement watch. Silicon material flat hairspring balance wheel is made by the convex end curve gossamer, also known as "Breguet balance double gossamer",, is considered to be the true initiative watch industry. We also have silicon material balance wheel hairspring and new black plating machine engraving 18K Gold Dial in all rose gold version of "tradition 7047PT".

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