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light< p > manned cargo train in the past,, people on the precise time actually does not have the explicit requirements,Tudor watches, and with the rapid development of a postwar business make long-distance express traffic has become a pivotal, punctuality of the train or not has become the one very important thing,Graham London watches, and Boer table founder Webb C. Boer is to build all the clocks used in railway watch standards and testing system made larger contribution. 1891 Kipton train after the tragedy, the regional authorities will invite Webb C. poll on the lakeshore along period of time of investigation, and for them to develop a supervision system.

in the early Boer table table, the most famous is the 999 watches, it is also known as the “railway watch”. 1893 999 train into the New York center and the Hardison railway line of the imperial train for the first time more than 100 miles per hour, so the number 999 has become synonymous with high-speed railway. And Boer table is in this historic event as the timing equipment suppliers and in 1895 made a special 18 level 999 bags table to commemorate the high-speed railway. In the next fifty years, the Boer table produced a total of more than 70000 only 998 or 999 level watch, and those with 999 labeled table has become now clock collectors keen models.

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