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calendar calendar watch

< p > calendar is watchmaking nova, the success of debugging listed less than 15 years ago, but has rapidly become an integral part of the day watch date display function. Although the calendar is simple, can be adjusted without replacement, but had never appeared in Cartire watch series. In order to meet the expectations of fans watch, Cartier core R & D team will be the functions into idle de Cartier Watch, completeness and accuracy of the annual calendar information display on the dial.

Cartire calendar calendar watch

calendar function of the origin of

manual operation on the list of the crown, skip 31, directly display 1 days,, this is not a mechanical system of the job will soon become boring. Because of this, watchmakers in the 18th century invented the calendar mechanism,Chopard Watches, as long as the clock to maintain normal operation, dial can directly show the accurate calendar information, without the need to make adjustments. Although this has a digital memory ability of the machine is fascinating, but if a long time to stop operation, it is still possible to cause trouble. This highly sophisticated models, such as the need to re adjust the calendar display,, always a lot of operations, even watch the master sometimes have to ask professionals.

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