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Rome digital

As an important element in the design of the

, the Rome digital is the important factor that has its own unique artistic features, which can be used to restore ancient ways. In the retro table, which are often designed to highlight the design simplicity; in the modern sense of design, let the personality of the watch escape, unique, or exaggerated eye-catching, or distinctive style. It can be said that the Roman numerals is absolutely than Arabic numerals mark and standard design can reflect the watch as a vector time of pride and modesty.

Dolby Roger EXCALIBURLADY women’s automatic table

use Rome digital to express the time of the brand is also not a few,, basically as long as the time of the use of Rome digital clocks, such as,, and so on, all of the Rome number is marked in the 4 o’clock position is "IIII", rather than "IV". The ancient Romans often said that the 4 method is "IIII", so it has been,, "IV" design is often the "orthodoxy" of a strong protest.