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: pioneer

of Oriental high frequency technology

9S series was born

1960, the start of its high-end series Seiko Grand series of production. In 1976, by the wave of quartz spread, to produce high precision mechanical main Seiko Grand was discontinued, until 1988 to return to the market,, but has turned to the configuration of quartz movement. The return of mechanical Seiko Grand began in the middle of 2008, when the watch industry has begun to recover the mechanical watch, the beginning of the work force to focus on research and development of mechanical movement. Along with the Seiko Grand series back to the mechanical watch, it is through the 9S series of refined and improved movement.

precision: Oriental high frequency technology pioneer

< p > until 2009 (May 15), Seiko will once again this once in a year the observatory competition a glorious victories of the grand Seiko marketed,, configuration through new and improved 9S85 series of movement. And the configuration of the movement to upgrade again to 36000 times / h (5 Hz), to regain the high frequency of the past. Less than a month’s time, for Seiko June 6th pushed movement precision superior 200 limited edition.