Processing method of ceramic watches and other issues _ degaussing watch _ maintenance _ fa

ceramic and suspension and reverse degaussing pointer jump

< p > ceramic watch has certain antimagnetic effect, and still and a antimagnetic watch,, as long as access to some of the stronger magnetic field equipment, such as generators, motors, radio, etc., will make watches magnetization. Is this watch, not only lost its precision, even shut down. To this time,
Glashuette Original Sixties Watches, if we want to restore, then go to professional watch repair point,, the use of professional tools to solve the. If is not convenient, you can also find a circle without a magnetized iron bar, watch from the circle slowly through OK.

ceramic watch degaussing pause and reverse jump pointer and

ceramic watch pointer to the suspension and reverse jump. Ceramic watch as a result of the needle roller and cross wheel part of the increase in the friction wheel, that is, when the direction of the rotation of the handle head, the pointer will be reversed. There is friction between the wheel and the wheel with too loose, can not move table machine drives the pointer is to make hands stop phenomenon. This is the two round of outgoing and three – wheel type faults that are said in the table.