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Schumacher of the Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph Limited Edition

< p > it is reported the Michael – Schumacher Royal Oak Offshore timing code declare gold limited edition issued 100,
L. Leroy Watches, rose gold limited edition issued 500 pieces,
www.topwatchbest.com, titanium metal a limited edition of 1000 pieces, from quantity is not much, then watch for you serve on a detailed functional diagram is introduced to help you better understand this watch. Watch the three o’clock position as a window to display the date, two o’clock and at four o’clock respectively control the timing of the button,
Tudor watches, at six o’clock to 12 hour chronograph dial, 30 minute chronograph dial nine o’clock, 12 o’clock for small seconds dial. Whether it is the overall grasp of the details of the application, we can see the car from the design of the shadow.

Ai Pi Schumacher of the Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph Limited Edition

< p > this of Ai Pi Schumacher Royal Oak Offshore limited timing Chronograph titanium metal prices at around 26 million yuan, rose gold version for about 45 million yuan, the most expensive undoubtedly platinum version up to 67 million yuan, from the price of a single seems to some people will feel that it has the advantages of wide of the mark, but objectively speaking Audemars Piguet movement quality and tabulation process quality determines the whose line watches price, this time watch in limited production and more to catch a ride to the celebrity effect, it seems that in this way to raise the watch itself value has also become a now major brands customary trick.

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