To salute Guerra Souty excellence three pin line [figure] _ limited edition watch _ auction _ fashio

< p > in watchmaking tradition, "regulator" three needle line is special pendulum clock, is mainly the watchmaker watchmaking workshop can set a precise time,, used to test the watch. They are also used in science, such as astronomy, when it is required to be very accurate. In order to achieve the purpose of readability,, the pointer is arranged in the face of different axis. The minute hand and second hand clockwise alone in the middle, smaller and placed in the off center small disc. Each tab workshop will regulator three needle line placed in the obvious position, as time reference.

< p > once in the town, with the background of excellent tabulation "Strasser & amp; Rohde (Stella & amp; Odie) watchmaking company established in 1875 and later incorporated into the modern glashutte tab limited company. Because of its production both aesthetic and precise timepiece clocks worldwide. It is that they will "regulator" transformation to watch watch. Strasser & Rohde Regulator pure simple veliger is based on this design inspiration. Located in the central panel of blue steel hand throughout the entire disk. The second is clockwise and arranged on the deviation from the central disc, which are located on the lower half. The minute black ring and the Rome digital label plate display time clockwise. The charming and delicate silver plated surface and deep black form perfect contrast. This elegant timepiece is made with a warm luster,
Glashuette Original Sixties Watches, rose gold, table 42 mm in diameter, the thickness of only 12.8 mm.