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Identification method of


1, the movement of fake and shoddy

produced in the world movement main countries Switzerland, Dongyang, China and some other developed countries also watch. Based on the production and sales of core things, think of the brand from the appropriate and used to identify the contribution of counterfeit watches.

< p > (1) the domestic production of watches, think fit and use the movement is very complex, Switzerland, Japan and domestic movement, key in the selection of a fake movement as watch listed Xiaohang, shoddy, deceive hoodwink take property of consumers.

(2) where the imported Japanese watches,, it thinks fit using movement must be produced in japan. If the movement is produced in Switzerland, China or other countries,, the watch is a fake and shoddy goods.

(3) where the Swiss watch, which is deemed to be appropriate, will be produced in Switzerland. If you see the movement is Chinese or other countries, the movement of Oriental origin, then it must be false.

Identification method of

watch quality

2, the appearance of fake and shoddy

from the aspect of the appearance of the counterfeit, fake is relatively easy. Until now the price in the form of wrist appearance in the proportion of tall. Such as the production of watches, the price for our country’s legal tender 3520000 yuan. There are 36 carat diamonds, 60000 carat total weight, and about 2000000 yuan in the light of the diamond. Because of this, the appearance of fake and shoddy should be reproduced, mainly in the following areas:

< p > (1) K gold,, plated with gold or gold acid discrimination and shoddy: K gold, gold plated, acid gold appearance color are yellow, not easy to distinguish between, but also easy to counterfeit. Such as: K gold shell has 10 gold, 14 karat gold, 18K gold and other differences, in the absence of test conditions spectrograph things difficult difference.

< p > (2) sheet of glass of fake and shoddy: introduction to applied up to now glass on the table as before have three: organic glass, ordinary quartz glass, jewelry blue transparent crystal glass.

< p > (3) naturally occurring drill factory, artificial diamond, diamond (glass drilling) and to identify and shoddy: naturally occurring drill factory is the hardest of all objects, as a 10 degree of hardness.