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take you to find the reality of the robot

"Hugo" takes us back to the 30’s of the last century the hustle and bustle of large crowds is the Paris train station. The hero of the story is 12 year old Hugo, whose father died in the fire, he alone, hiding in the wall of the 27 clock behind the wall of the dark narrow channel, relying on the clock to adjust the school clock. His greatest wish is to fix my father left the robot, to read her father’s Secret message. One day he is surprised to feel, the others regarded as garbage robot actually know how to write and paint. No wonder the father to him for communications tool…


take you to find the reality of the robot


robot was finally able to see the moment activities, the audience must be very happy. Back to reality, the original similar robot early in 200 years have emerged. In 1768, the tabulation master Pierre,www.chrono2u.com, founder of famous watchmaker yakedeluo? Jacques? Pedro (Pierre jaquet Droz) has started making & quot; writer & quot. (the writer) mechanical automatic doll. "Hugo Paris fantasy adventure", the robot to Hugo and the father of deep emotional tightly linked, machinery behind hidden gripping story,www.bagsbagu.com, and reality, Pierre? Jacques? Pedro machinery research and development of the doll on the road has also been son Henry Louis? Jacques? – Frederick dro (Henry-Louis jaquet Droz) and son? Reso (Jean-Fré dé ric leschot) support and help.