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Movado design art 131 years of classic legend

< p > in 1881, 19 year old entrepreneur Archer & middot; Achille ditesheim (Achille Ditesheim) in Switzerland La Chaux de fonds (LA Chaux de fonds) founded the brand. Since then, Movado has laid a reputation of design innovation, and to the art of the watch design and innovation won the 100 patents and 200 a number of international awards. Adhering to Esperanto "perpetual interest" of the deep connotation, creating the history of a variety of movado watch altar masterpiece.

< p > 1912 "rectangular Polyplan watch,
Rado Watches, 14K Gold arc case, and two barrel shaped" Polyplan watch silver digital dial, small second hand, and printed with "Movado timer" words. The design is characterized with the wrist bent naturally, the layout of the three plane in the curved case. The basic principle of the wristwatch concept, design and production process of become have the earliest patent "case" one of, ahead of their time for decades, and lead the trend of the watchmaking industry produce arc case. Now "Polyplan" has become the object of pursuit watch collectors,
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Movado design art 131 years of classic legend

< p > 1925 "Art Deco" pocket watch, this unique elegant gold pocket watch? Enamel case art decorative table. This is a list for the 1925 Paris Expo Movado decoration and creation.

< p > in 1926, Movado launched a long enjoyed a good reputation for Ermeto table. Its name comes from Greek, meaning "sealed". Unique pillow shaped design of the device a with parts of the patent right,
Glashuette Original Sixties Watches, the parts in the switch case, due to the sliding action and to self winding. "Ermeto" is the only suitable for men and women use table, was a novel idea, become the movado history a major milestone in the history.

1936 Acvatic digital watch. This 14K Gold digital watches, using "Acvatic" waterproof case, silver dial with two holes, respectively show the hours and minutes.