Water table and diving table! From outside to inside interpretation of the diving table


usually dive table should have the following features:

(a) waterproof performance of at least 200 m water depth;

(two) has a single direction of rotation of the outer ring, which can be measured in the diving time;

< p > (3) the divers often must be living in the dark water, so dive table pointer and scale or surface shall normally be fluorescent paint, can let users read time is more simple;

(four) strictly speaking, only in line with the international organization ISO to set the specifications, standards and tests of watches, to be called the diving table,www.wrist4usale.com, such as the standard of course is for the safety of the diver. However,www.time4usale.com, due to the diving table and the depth of the popularity and market acceptance, sales are not locked diving off the high order machine table factory, of course, will launch a dive table, not necessarily in accordance with the standards set by the professional organization.



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