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",;blue blood" road to revival

a few centuries ago, the Spanish aristocracy in order to have their own and the skin of the workers to distinguish themselves from the dark, will be named: "Azul Sangre",IWC watches, which means "blue blood of the nobility." Because at that time, clear blue veins of the white skin, is regarded as a symbol of noble. As for the Swiss watch industry, "blue blood" also has extraordinary significance. Only those in the top of the "pyramid", and with the ancient history and still maintain independent attitude of family business, is eligible to be referred to as the "blue blood" brand.

"blue blood" Patek Philippe’s revival of the road

looking at the current Swiss table altar, pure "blue blood" brand has There is not much left. And has been put into the door, early announced that allegiance to the Richemont, although they have maintained independent of the body, but also rebranded,, is no longer pedigree founders. Only with Patek Philippe, still a proud. At least from the current point of view, Audemars Piguet current global CEO Phillippe Merk status of independent brand business also full of confidence, and Patek Philippe CEO Thierry stern is issued a public statement, must take the possessions passed to his son.

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