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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; – Ding Wu Wei (Hunan University of Technology School of packaging design and art, Zhuzhou Hunan 412008) Abstract: Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa is put forward for the first time "no conscious design" theory,, that is, through the conscious design,, to achieve the unconscious, to mean

— Wu Wei Ding Feng (College of packaging design, Hunan University of Technology, Zhuzhou Hunan 412008)

tourbillon4uwatch< p > Abstract: Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa is put forward for the first time "no conscious design" theory, that is, through the conscious design and Realization of the unconscious behavior, to have that enjoy; he in the design of "attention to detail, paying attention to the emotion", trying to more humanistic care, so that the product is no longer cold functional objects; his "no conscious design" also reflects the "like to sample, simple and delicate" characteristics, the design focus on, pay attention to details, physical origin of decision and strive to be concise, allow consumers to enjoy a new products comfortable operation.


keyword: unconscious design; detail; emotion; simplicity; as with surrounding tourbillon4uwatch

after World War II, Japan’s rapid economic recovery, driven by the rapid development of Japan’s design industry. Since 1961, Japan entered the stage of rapid development, namely Japanese industry began to enter the take-off period, industrial design has also been rapid development, from imitation gradually create their own brand, so that the Japanese to be living in one of the world’s leading position in the design of power. [1]1973, International Association of industrial design combined will be an international design exhibition was held in Japan, the Japanese designer to see when the world’s most advanced industrial product design, prompting them to set our sights on the world. Through this exhibition, the Japanese designer continuous from draw nutrients, combined with the characteristics of Japanese culture, actively develop the full of humane care, simple and not monotonous industrial design with regional features of Japanese industrial design. In this period, there are many national consciousness, but also with the international standards of design master, Fukazawa Naohito will be one of the typical representatives.


1 tourbillon4uwatch

Fukasawa< p > Naoto Fukasawa NaotoFukasawa) was born in 1956, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan, 1980 (24) graduated in the product design department of Japan Tama Art University. 1988 (32 years old) Naoto Fukasawa in Japanese Seiko Epson Corporation as a designer, 1989 (33), he left the country to the United States, in joined a only 15 people design studio "IDtwo" that "IDEO" predecessor "IDEO" existing more than 450 employees, throughout the Palo Alto, London and Munich. Eight years later, Fukazawa Naohito returned home,, 1997>

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