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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Casio mountaineering comparison table, to choose the table mountain friends as a Reference Overview: China’s official website called "mountain range" (CASIOSPORTPROTREK), model often start with PRG. Japan’s official website also called "PROTREK" name one more space than Chinese,
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Casio climbing the table to make a comparison,www.timeon24.com, the reference cartier watches

friends listOverview: cartier watches

Chinese website called "mountaineering series" (CASIOSPORTPROTREK), the model usually starts with PRG. cartier watches

< p > the Japanese official also called PROTREK middle name than China more than a blank, model usually to PRW beginning and models usually have a "J", said the Japanese. The new 2000 series began to use PRX at the beginning of the. cartier watches

< p > Casio mountaineering comparison table, the selected table mountain friends to do a reference 2011-6-6casio watch manual download, the official website of the United States called "Pathfinder" model typically start with paw. cartier watches

EU official website called "CASIOSPORT" type, usually begin with PRW.

cartier watches

As for the specific type of

said, Casio and other similar series. cartier watches

< p > PRG said Chinese version of table mountain, 110 series number (i.e. 110 Series), T represents titanium metal strap, 7 said silver, V said digital mono, Dr said header contains StainlessSteel (d) stainless steel and resin (R) resin composition. cartier watches

< p > paw is the American version of the climbing form, 2000 is the main series No. (2000 Series), T represents titanium metal strap,
luxuryonstore.com, 7 said silver, V represents the number of single significant.

cartier watches


80 series about in 2005 March listed, 90 series about 2006 March listing. cartier watches

80, core 90 series is the same, the difference is merely the appearance of different case. cartier watches

Japanese version of

cartier watches

The European version of

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