How to identify CASIO CASIO

        Casio;, such as climbing series, Ocean series, and G-shock new watch with solar energy, no fake!! 1 not make. Mountaineering series and marine series because the three sensors contain the high-tech content, counterfeiters can not copy, simply to get the tableCasio

high-end watches, such as mountain climbing,, Ocean series, and G-shock new watches with solar energy, no fake!! 1 not make. Series of mountain and ocean due to the presence of high-tech content of the triple sensor, counterfeiters can not copy, got the list simply try again all the functions, it is easy to identify. Therefore, no one would be stupid to make such a false statement of profit. In addition, the new G-shock, counterfeiters are difficult to copy out in a short period of time. Even if some of the old models are fake, it is relatively easy to distinguish from visual. If some friends are not familiar with Casio, also want to buy the best buy smuggled goods, I mentioned the high-end watch. 2 no artificial. Not a huge market demand, counterfeiters unprofitable. Casio Watch, even if it is cheaper, I think it will not like the mobile phone has so big market. The fake is not about it. In addition, then your Casio Watch, only a few thousand dollars, unlike Rolex, there is a windfall profits. On the market,IWC Watches, if there is a real Casio false table, is also a table factory affixed to the sample, and not deliberately forged. Such a table, it is easy to identify. 3. Friends worry can not be removed form the core for other things happen, in fact, no need to worry. Casio watches work precision, the general will not be installed on the open. Will not be like a mobile phone, you can remove and remove. Since we can’t open it, you don’t have to worry about the things that you have to do. Even a small number of people who have the ability to remove the table, it will not do such a difficult thing to do. Have you seen the lock master to make money by stealing people? Based on the above reasons,, the purchase of Casio watches, need to choose is to buy smuggled goods or goods, and do not worry about fakes. Two, smuggled goods are fully consistent with the mainstream. 1.Casio watches are not located in the factory, the production of watches in Japan, South Korea, Thailand and other places. The same type of watch must be from the same factory. Therefore, we buy watches, as long as the same model, it is from a factory. There will be no difference between purchase and purchase. 2 watch does not exist localization problem. Casio watch menu is only in English and digital, the world general. Unlike mobile phones need to be based on the market localization. Such as Nokia mobile phone get sold in China, will be finished simplified menu, get to sell, need to finished traditional menu, get the Japanese selling need to "cosmetic". Port of the mobile phone is not good to use, because they are sold, to refresh the chip characters, etc.. And this work is not the manufacturers, so often there will be a mobile phone function can not be achieved, and even often crash. Moreover, the watch is an isolated product, do not need to support, not due to the change of location and impact. Is the most Japanese design products to Chinese wave timing timing can not. Will not be because of the frequency format and other issues.

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