The distinction between the solid state quartz watch and the mixed type quartz watch

        solid state quartz and mixed type quartz watch,

Q: the difference between the solid state quartz watch and the mixed type quartz watch,IWC Watches?

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: solid state quartz watch< p > in the solid state of quartz in the table, with a second unit pulse is transmitted to the second part of the integrated circuit, this part is responsible for the liquid crystal display mode of LCD line organization, the formation of a number. This type is common in table class objects. In the watch making industry, which is usually used in the production of extremely cheap products for large-scale. Asian manufacturers have monopolized this area. In a more sophisticated watch style, ", solid state " according to the size of the memory installed on the inside, with a large number of functions: such as phone numbers, booking registration book, etc..

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hybrid quartz watch:

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this type of quartz watch has two kinds of display functions, namely, analog pointer type and digital,, the latter to provide information, such as the week and date, accurate time function, time zone. This watch is equipped with an integrated circuit and a micro engine.

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