A mom told you the 922011-6-1 manual download CITIZEN Watch

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; trickle: 5 days of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday only at the end of the day the, this year’s Mid Autumn Festival rain is particularly much, it rained all the time. I have 5 days of work, of course, have a rest. On the first day of the first day you bought me a look, the pants for a< p > trickling: 5 days of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday only at the end of the day the, this year’s Mid Autumn Festival, particularly rain, has been in the rain. I have 5 days of work, of course,
www.watch4ufree.com, have a rest. Give the you gave me the first buy pajamas fill in the first day and trousers for the a waistband, because wear for many years, the waistband is broken, I cut broken off, for a waistband. So you can wear it for some time. Although you bought me a new pajamas are not wearing, and you have a lot of life through, but all you left behind, I am very cherish. Automatic watch your piece of citizen, and had previously been the length of needle wrong, remember I sent to Hendry repair, but with a 2-3 months and not. I have sent this year, and now I take a day, especially, has been 3 months, has been very good, probably this time is completely. The next day to buy a new gas stove, before the bad, that fish difference point drop the pot, I found a pot of shelf bad, and the gas stove is rotten, no use. Buy a good one. I bought a glass surface, a little expensive, but a good scrub, with the future I am very satisfied. Third days shopping, do foot massage. With your dad yesterday to second aunt do a phone, originally home have a little aunt to the father’s new mobile phone, Sony Ericsson, but the instructions are all in English, no way, called Guo Jianjun and help to download a Chinese manual, but mobile phone is part of the British paper and very complex. So we go to two aunt bought a very simple cell phone, first to her, she now has a heart disease, no cell phone we do not rest assured. In the evening, I went to a movie with your father, "steal the dream space", very good-looking, thrilling, exciting. Your father may not like this kind of movie, you know, I like science fiction movies. Especially in the film inside the hero’s wife died, they often in the dream, but also in a dream together life. Just like us, mother often in the dream and you meet, the dream of everything is also true, and mother often hope that those dreams will not wake up, can always let us together. Today to do beauty,
watch4ufree, give yourself to relax, tomorrow have a good look to the stock market, although the stock market this year is not good, but the market value or to a new high,
IWC Watches,, second aunt’s market capitalization to a new high, help the yard to sell milk do stock new hope rose continuously for six limit, she was particularly happy, always send some milk companies send customers new products to me, not her. A special pleasure to be able to help people who are poorer than themselves. It is a pity that she has no money, only to help her to buy 1700 shares, if she had more money, bought 17000 shares, it will make a big. luxury-free-store >

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