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        the Spring Festival has just passed, many people love the table will usher in the March Basel watch show. This is known as the "Oscar" of the "luxury" of the jewelry exhibition will be held in March 18th. After the fall of the financial crisis, the Basel Watch Fair is growing as more and more Chinese

Spring Festival has just passed, many love table will usher in the March Basel watch show. This is known as the "Oscar" of the "luxury" of the jewelry exhibition will be held in March 18th. After the financial crisis led to the decline, the Basel Watch Fair because more and more people in China’s fashion concerns and recovery. More than 10 watches China responsible person also said, now the Basel exhibition table has become well-known brands of watches and clocks close to or affect the best chance to the Chinese market.

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cartier watches the official website of the price of the world watches sounded assembly, watch industry near the Chinese market, after the depression, not all watches enterprises are through the luxury-free-store,

last year by the impact of the global financial crisis, the Basel table show exhibitors, exhibition scale compared with the previous year have shrunk dramatically, accused of the popularity of the decline, exquisite still". This year the exhibition organizing committee in advance for more than four months and on the official website with English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Italian words invite global watch and jewelry exhibitors gathered in Basel, to meet the global clock event. Reporters from the disclosure of the relevant information of the organizing committee to understand, this year is expected to more than 2000 from watches, jewelry, precious stones and related industries of the exhibitors to showcase their innovations and products in Basel, Omega, Tudor, radar, Blancpain, Tissot, Longines, Swarovski, the high grade brand watches will take their 2010 new debut 2010 Basel Watch Fair. It is expected to have more than 100000 visitors from 100 countries came to Basel, the latest trends in the global watch and jewelry industry and the latest creative design. Reporters learned that there are already a number of domestic watches and clocks suppliers to participate in the exhibition this year, Basel. Some exhibition company is also ready to provide the service to the exhibitors.


is now the Basel watch show, it seems no longer just the European grand event

luxury-free-store< p > count table of a responsible person said: "now the Basel Watch Fair, seems to no longer just Europeans event past most of the time, what we see is more watchmakers,, Antwerp diamond dealers, French and Italian luxury operators and American buyers. Now, every group and camp there are more and more Chinese people face, many local watchmaker also think, if who can seize the Chinese buyers, who ten years food do not have to worry about. And did not do so, it seems that only the more deep."


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