Casio watches sale warranty issue I bought in May this year

& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; I was in May this year to buy a waterproof wristwatch result block Casio 8, around September watches which have the fog that is the weather did not control and watch can continue to walk but after a week or two Table stopped and yellow rust inside out with me last week in May this year to buy a waterproof watch Casio result block 8, which has been around September watch the fog that is weather and watch the tube can not continue to go but After twelve weeks after the table stopped and yellow rust inside out last week with one year warranty card to monopoly counter hoping to help repair it because it only took less than four months to broken warranty During the question and a list of their own personal reasons and not because of a broken table service but Casio has asked me for 180 yuan movement repairs such cases should be how to solve it? buy when the salesman said only watch waterproof Other precautions and did not say when the usual band did not let him inside the water table itself just because the weather causes which produce fog and rust and a Casio watch in this big brand is useless to five months when the result table because it was the sound of rusty broken table itself is not that the quality of the reasons it also said that it was my own request repairs due to improper use of such reasonable models of what each watch waterproof function is not the same , some living water,
my-watchstore, some 200 meters waterproof. Living water only splash of water, and water 200 can dive. Also many people will think that wearing a bathing water table is nothing,, it is not. Two of the water table is the wrong use of the bath (especially sauna) and underwater operations. Waterproof watch case back have a waterproof apron, in addition,
piedo, will be coated with waterproof glue on the outside apron, waterproof apron effect alone is not great. After the heat will affect the waterproof plastic water effects, serious all the time will be inverted waterproof apron deformation (sauna damage will be more severe). The second is the underwater operation, the water table is only in static water, underwater operations are not included in the function keys below the water table, there will be a waterproof apron or waterproof gasket protection, but it may produce voids operations, so Casio official I do not agree with underwater operation. I do not know if you are selling the model, so can not say specifically.

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