There are no friends understand Casio watches I recently wanted to buy money hand

& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; I recently wanted to buy watches, fancy Casio EF-316D-1AVDF, read the morning go to the mall, but the salesman told me that their table movement are imported, others are in domestic assembly, and seconds are not allowed to go clear, 690, 9.5% down is 656 then I recently wanted to buy watches, fancy Casio EF-316D-1AVDF, read the morning go to the mall, but the salesman told me Their table movement are imported, others are assembled in China, but are not allowed to go clear second, 690, 656 and 9.5% down is a lot of points, go home looked in Taobao above Look, generally between 150-200 more, the seller also promised movement is imported assembled in Hong Kong, but I still do not know for watches, hope to understand a friend help me to see, how to identify the authenticity, thank the version does not support Chinese-English translation, if necessary, please purchase the paid version two rookie tables upstairs misleading. Online imitation tables are, but they are fake mechanical watches, Casio quartz watch, only parallel, where they come from fake? Oh, I guess you want the net purchase price is too cheap fear but fear is a fake, and I removed from the watch industry for many years, to tell you: As long as there is a Casio watch models, are not off the table,, Casio table only parallel is smuggled in genuine. Casio watch original price is not high,, imitation if skill levels are very high, to lose money, so Casio, Citizen quartz watch is no imitation goods. If you do not believe, you can go to Taobao,, enter imitation Casio watch and see, try the sale of Casio’s fake, you know, is there, there will be no grades. Casio table already cheaper production of equipment it takes a few million, nobody will do lose money imitation Casio. You need to pay attention to the parallel warranty issues, because the parallel non-normal way entry, sales, after-sales service no matching tables and vendors invoices and stamped possible sale Casio will refuse warranty. You’d better find a "Genius," the shop, the price may be expensive, but safer spot. Do not buy more than 10, the price is the price the mall. You wanted to buy a bottle of Coke in the supermarket two yuan, to the restaurant becomes five yuan, and 10 yuan to the hotel on it. A reason I gave my sister bought last year a SHE endorsement of the table, shopping malls price of 1300, I was only, 450, I do not believe my sister went to test the sale of goods, is true. Sellers called Ding Chun brand watches franchise stores you can go and see. If you still do not believe the online tables, to teach you a way to watch the runway holding Casio Repairs, said last night, this table suddenly trouble several times, so that sales staff give you a look, if you leave the sale immediately tell you Is it true that he will tinker tinker, said table no problem, you can rest assured home. There is a problem message to me. Many high imitation Taobao, we can not tell a bunch of rookie herself, for quality sake, you still go to monopoly to buy it ~ ~ ~

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