Casio wants to buy a CASIO EF-514SP-1AV Watch

        want to buy a piece of CASIO EF-514SP-1AV watch store good want 1200-1500 online to more than 500 not to the invoice but to the security for 1 years we give a note can be true? And here in Shenyang where a Casio EF-514SP-1AV this low price point of this version does not support the Chinese want to buy a watch shop a Casio EF-514SP-1AV to 1200-1500 online to more than 500 don’t give invoice but to protect 1 year to give you a note to be true? And here in Shenyang where there is a Chinese English translation function does not support the CASIO EF-514SP-1AV version of the price cheaper, if necessary, please buy the premium version should first explain that because CASIO counters. Pricing is done, see you on Taobao, no fake. Can buy,
watch4ufree, store 1000,
IWC Watches, Hongkong 400 nearly 7–8 discount. Because they do not pay taxes. Too much in the domestic price is outrageous. So natural difference plus, then went to Hongkong to sell the domestic websites, less space, counter and labor costs,, natural cheap. CASIO no fake goods, because of the high technology content, fraud is very difficult, because the market demand less! Casio, and only belongs to the public table, create a fake, might as well buy a new one to have little money. Not economic fraud. Fake is not a horse! But there are parallel imports are generally from Hong Kong, the difference between parallel and licensed is no invoice, (tag) cheap price is licensed 3-5 fold. But the parallel are fully consistent with the mainstream. Casio watches are not set up factories in mainland China. You see table cover the subject of trademark and brand, the words clearly, smooth and bright surface of glass; watchcase components corners no sharp sense, coating no bubbles, no fall off not Maocao. Basically no problem. The parallel may have no invoice, tax evasion is over! Only sell cheaper. In addition to less in the shopping site, and labor costs. But it is difficult to say the warranty in accordance with it!!, buy small items and small value, choose on the Internet buy is a good choice. But the price is very high, when online buying, felt something false. Online watch shop cheaper than that the individual has the following points. First, do not need to store. Two do not need to counter. Three, do not need to ask the staff. Four. There is a formal invoice and do not pay taxes. Four. Selling is a parallel, but also authentic. If you want to buy it online, you’d better choose a high degree of credibility. Businesses such as pat Network. The best to choose a certified store. These are personal views. For reference only.

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